Monday, September 22, 2008

How was your weekend?

So another weekend goes by and I have some catching up to do.  A weekend full of delicious goodies at the tailgate and some other poor choices leave me in a position where I need to bust my but and get in a good run tonight and several more this week.  Need to burn those calories right back off.

Who can complain though.  I had a great weekend.  See pic below.
How was your weekend?


Andrew is getting fit said...

Great as well!

Kathy said...

My guy made the top ten in the NASCAR race Sunday!!! SA---LUTE!!!

amy said...

Totally sucked on Sat but Sun I was back on track

Anonymous said...

Mine was pretty dagum good, too. Went to a Seahawks game, tailgated, and still managed to drop some weight.

It's all good in the hood!

Now, if I can only get to that elusive 299 mark, myself. Congrats on that, Matt - that's so great.

And wow, the Big XII is doing well in the polls.

SuperDave said...

I just noticed the transformation from your picture on the upper right of your page to this picture.. You should be strutting.. hahaha