Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Personal Record

Last night I had every intention of going on a long run.  Seriously like 5.75 miles long.  However I did not get going until about 7pm and it light was going to be an issue.  So I decided to bust out a 5K and see if I could turn in a really solid time.  I feel like I was successful.  I ran the 3.11 miles in 36:13.  That is by far the best 5k I have run.  I bested my previous record my over a minute.  I would not say it was an easy run, but I felt good about it.

Tonight, I will still run the 3.11, but I will not be trying to set any records.  Just want to get the run in.

Also I have not been getting in the runs I would like to the past couple of weeks,  Part due to illness part due to laziness.  From here on out the goal is 12 miles per week.  If I can log 12 a week I know I am getting in some good runs.


WebCudgel said...

I did my 3.8 mile run and did it in a record (for me) of 44:18.23. When I convert this run time to a 5K instead of the 6.12K, it came out to 36:13! It feels good to be able to improve my run times (it's weird how you feel good and like crap at the same time). Keep it up and you'll do even better on your 5K. When I ran mine, I was kinda disappointed at my time.. but it was the second best I had ever run by that point... so I still had to give myself kudos on that. I bet you do a 35min 5K or better.

SuperDave said...

Good job on the 5k's. It's a good distance to get use to running since most races are that distance.

Andrew is getting fit said...

You are doing really well. It's rather rewarding to see the improvement isn't it.