Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wow, that was difficult

I put in 4.33 miles last night.  Initially I thought it was 4.1, but I went back and mapped it out and 4.33 was the number.  I feel a bit better about my time now.  56.16 over that distance is not great but considering I had to walk a bit I am ok with that.

So why was it so tough?  Well a couple of things happened.  First was that I ended up running on grass.  Not the nice park grass, but the junky grass beside the road.  This was a first for me and it kicked my butt.  Second was a bit of a asthma attack during the run.  I think that will be the last time I go out without the inhaler.  And last would be the hills.  The first 2 miles were just brutal for me.  There was once hill that I had to walk.  I had made it up a hill that was almost a half mile long overall and then there was this killer hill that was all of 150 yards, but it was just really steep.  The kind of hill that you fear in snowy conditions in a car.

Once I got through that hill I finished pretty strong and ran the rest of the way.  I guess I still have some work to do on hills.

Do you guys have issues running on grass like that?  I know Dave is a trail runner.  Maybe he can shed some light on that.  I am also fighting a possible ligament strain in my foot.  I will have to monitor that one.  I would also love to hear if anyone else has fought the foot strain and what they did.  Right now I am thinking I might get some new inserts for the shoes as new shoes are not in the budget.

Have a great day everyone.  Go Tigers!


WebCudgel said...

There is one route I sometimes run near work where there is no sidewalk for parts of the run. The area has too much traffic to always run on the street, so I've had my share of running through "junky grass". I've almost twisted my foot once so I've learned to adjust that route to reduce the amount of time spent on the grass. I can't imagine doing cross-country running.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Running on grass is supposed to be better for you than running on the sidewalk but I guess is depends on the quality of the grass.

Can't say I've had too many issues.

SuperDave said...
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SuperDave said...

Sorry i duplicated the post above..
Good running.
I don't particularly like running on grass because sometimes you can't tell when the ground is uneven(hidden ankleturners.) On trails most of the grass is gone; most that is. If you'll notice my trail runs, my pace is much slower. Just remember that you are still burning calories walking. When it comes to trails and hills - throw out the times..
Foot - After running on uneven ground, my "feet," ankles, calves are much more sore. Probably due to using different muscles, tendons, ligaments that stabilize the foot and knee.
Watch those injuries. I ignored mine and was sidelined for almost 2months this year.
If worse comes to worse you may have to start biking it until the strain gets better.