Thursday, September 11, 2008

URI and a skipped weigh-in

So after my run on Monday I started to feel kinda crappy.  I went to bed early and then hit made it to work the next day only to head home about noon and then to the doctor the following day.  Upper Respiratory Infection.  Antibiotics that look like they should be fed to horses and I am back.

I decided not to weigh in on Tuesday and will be switching back to Thursdays for my weigh in and meeting.  I am making this change for a couple of reasons.  I need a change and I think maybe having a few days on "scheduled" time will help me refocus after rough weekends.  I am also not to enamored with the new leader.  She means well and I hope she continues and becomes a bit more comfortable as a leader but for now I need to feel more engaged in the process and there is a bit of a disconnect.

I will try to resume my running this evening with a quick 2 mile jog.  Maybe the dog and I can chat about what is bothering him.  Or maybe I will put a dog bone in my pocket and toss it to him. :-)

I will certainly provide an update for you guys this weekend after Mizzou smokes Nevada.  Not that this is a sports blog, but I am calling it right here.  45 - 17.  I will be there with my son this weekend.  Tailgate omelets are on the menu!  something I can do pretty healthy really!

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