Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's on the menu?

Kathy over at Cathy Calculates asked if I had switched to light beer and if we had switched up our tailgate menu since joining WW. 

An excellent question.  The answer I have is yes and no.  I still drink the beer I want to drink.  For instance, Saturday I was enjoying Bass.  But as far as food goes things are still pretty much the same, but we have more veggie trays and things like that then we do bags of chips.  I try to limit my intake of the brats and burgers.

This weekend the menu looks like pulled pork sandwiches from smoked pork loin, so while not exactly a chicken boob sammy, it is better than a brat.  Salad, veggie tray, and some Texas potatoes (not sure what that is, but I am sure it will be good). 

So you see if  eaten in moderation all will be fine.  Anymore the tailgate is a good time to throw the football around, have some laughs and enjoy time with friends.  I love football season.


new*me said...

sounds like fun. I drink the low carb beer and don't miss the real thing when I do drink (very rarely these days).....I'd rather splurge on a cookie. Hubby loves my baked hot wings served with raw veggies on football days.

AG Dogg said...

Dude, you look great! Keep up the great work!

Kathy said...

I like your answer, Matt. I think sometimes the first thing we do is rid our celebratory menus of all our favorite "pre-WW" foods. It seems very sensible to me to have pulled pork...pretty lean depending on the cut...and a potato dish but to extend that choice with raw vegetables and other lighter foods to help fill you up and offer great choices for grazing. I think long term this is a solution you can live with and still have a great time in the parking lot.
btw...Skinny Guy had a great recipe on his site for an alternative to hot wings made with chicken breast strips! Lose 80 Pounds said...

I agree with the beer thing...drink what you want. When I do have a beer, it's a "real" beer and not some watered down 64 calorie can of crap. Yes, it costs me 3 pts but oh well. It's sort of a treat for me and I generally use my weeklies for it anyway.

Keep on tailgating the way you want! You're looking great!

John said...

Matt, I gotta go with the commenters just previous to this one. You cannot deny yourself the things you truly enjoy. All that does is open the door to a binge. Yes, there are some 'skinny-ed up' alternatives to our favorite celebratory foods... but beer? I haven't drank the mass-market swill from St.Louis or Colorado in many moons; I live in the land of micro-brew! A GOOD beer is only 3 points.

No Worries!

Rick said...

Yeah, no need to drink a "light" swill. A good microbrew is still only 3 points, so I say get what you like and don't worry about it.