Monday, April 28, 2008

Backyard Gym - Free Membership with no monthly dues. JOIN NOW!

The thing is normally I hate leaves, and really not just leaves but anything that could possibly need my attention in the yard. Mowing, planting, raking, trimming and cleaning up brush have been activities that I have avoided at all costs in the past. Between allergies and weight moving around like that outside was more than just a chore. This weekend that all changed. I went out and bagged nearly 30 bags of leaves over 2 days. Planted a bunch of flowers and actually enjoyed my time outside. I am sore today, but not cant walk sore, just a dull ache sore. I was tired at the end of the day but I has such a sense of accomplishment as opposed having the feeling of shame that my lawn looked so bad. I drove up to my house after doing this cleaning and actually felt pretty good about what I saw.

So what the heck does this have to do with weight loss? I am glad you asked. The yard was my gym this weekend. While I did not sweat as much or have my heart rate at the same level, I was working out there most of the day Sunday. I have no idea how many calories I burned, but I know that given the amount of time I at least equaled my normal gym time if not exceeded it. So if your on this journey with me, get out and do some yard work. Your back yard is a gym and you don't even have to pay $45 a month for it.


Kathy said...

Right there with you, brother!

George said...

I wish I didn't hate it soooo much. I would be able to fire my gardener though which would save some cash.

Rick said...

It is far better to plant a flower than it is to plant yourself on the couch...... Good luck with the Tuesday weigh in