Friday, April 18, 2008

Living the lifestyle

This weekend as I may have mentioned I am off to Columbia to witness my first ever Black and Gold spring football game. I have mentioned it so many times on this blog you may get the impression that I am a tad bit excited. That would be because I am.

While on the trip to Columbia we will be dropping into Shakespeare's Pizza for some pizza and cold beer. Now I have to tell you this is no ordinary pizza, this is the finest pie in the whole wide world. I am not sure I have ever been disappointed by a pizza from Shakes.

Now with that said the visit got me to thinking about working that day for food debauchery into the plan. Pizza and beer is hard to get into your daily points budget. So you have the weekly points you can use, but I generally prefer to not use them. So I will figure that out somehow, but the thing is.... If you don't have pizza and beer every so often you are on a diet. I am not on a diet, I am making a change in my eating habits. So have beer and pizza, work it into your day, and get back on the wagon the next day!

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TB--Milwaukee said...

Pizza is tough, but one or two slices would be a whole lot better than the four to five previously. Add a salad or at least get some exercise in and you'll be fine.