Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fitness Evaluation

Umm, what shall I say. I am out of shape or woefully out of shape.

I went to the gym last night to work out and the trainer was there and we did the fitness evaluation promised in the membership package. Most of the information I got was expected. My BMI is about 46 which is interesting because with all the calipers and math she put into it, turns out that when you calculate it online, it is pretty accurate. I am below average across the board in fitness levels and above average when it comes to weight and BMI. Nothing shocking there. The trainer however was impressed that I had lost the weight I had lost and felt like nutritionally I was in pretty good shape. The recommendation that she made was that I hit the cardio harder. Instead of using the elliptical for 10 minutes before I lift and then for 10 minutes after, bust out the whole 20 minutes either before or after. So I followed her advice and did 20 minutes last night, and 20 more this morning in addition to my normal lifting.

I will make this comment about exercise to anyone reading this who is looking to lose weight. My opinion is that you have to continually step it up and change things up. I was riding the stationary bike for about 7 weeks into this and it was getting to easy and boring. I joined the gym and I feel excited again. I feel like regardless of loss I am doing good things for my body.

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