Friday, April 4, 2008

The Doc

I was trying to wait to use that Title but I just couldn't. I went to the doc Thursday for a physical since I am losing weight and kinda wanted to know where I stood as far as a doctor was concerned. I also wanted to talk to him about a goal weight as I have reached my 10%.

So I will get my blood work back in a few days, but here are some of the basics

On the doctors scale I was at 353.6 lbs with a pulse of 60 beats per minute and blood pressure of 118/80. Obviously I was most pleased with my weight but my pulse surprised me. I was at about 68-74 regularly prior to my workout routine.

We talked at length about my weight loss and how I have gotten where I am at. I told him that I considered the surgery and found that my insurance did not cover it so I started on my own for 2 weeks and then joined Weight Watchers. I told him as I have stated on this blog the I would prefer not to push one program over another, but that there is no gimmick to WW. He agreed whole heartedly and was very happy for me. We then began to discuss an ultimate goal, and this is why I love my doctor, he said that if I looked it up (which I have) I would find 185 or so. He said that he would love to see me at 250 or ideally at 220 and then if I still felt like I could lose more I could continue. I love that he just does not defer to the charts, he knows me and understands that 185 for me might be out of reach. 220 however is doable, difficult, but doable.

So there you go. I will not be focusing on 220, but more on the intermediate goals, my next is 50 lbs. I think it will probably continue to be in 10 lb increments for me until I am under 300 as I have a lot to lose. Speaking of being under 300, the guys on GOAD have a term called ONEderland for when you get under 200 lbs. I think once I get under 300, I am going to institute TWOunderland. I feel pretty comfortable in saying that I have not been under 300 since I graduated high school.

OK I am going to just end this post abruptly cause I am running out of things to say. Look for a blood work post early next week.

Thanks you to everyone for you support and encouragement.

SIDE NOTE: If you pray please say a quick prayer for a friends daughter Olivia and her Parents. I will not go into it, but she could use a few thoughts. If you do not pray I certainly do not want to offend at all. I completely respect everyones choice.


Jodie said...

Great job on your loss! It's good to have such a listening doctor. Mine just said "It' mind over matter." Impressive reduction in heart rate! Just that probably added years to your life! Thanks for allowing us to read your blog!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Twotersville! I believe that's what we call it.

Good call on focusing on smaller goals. You're doing great, but if you focus on the end, it seems overwhelming. There's lots of guys that have been around successfully for a long time. It isn't a race.

Alex said...

tb-milwaukee has it right, that's what they call "Twoterville".

I know you can do it!