Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I busted my butt and this is what I get?

3.2 more pounds gone is what I get! How about that for a teaser title? I have now lost just over 60 pounds. I am not sure what weighs in a exactly 60 pounds but I guess you could say 3 20 lb bags of potatoes maybe. I can tell you this that I was over at a friends house last night and got a whole bunch of perspective. I was helping him with some concrete work and I carried an 80 pound bag of concrete mix around the house. I had it up on my shoulder and I could immediately feel the pressure in my knees. It was probably the best eye opener I have had to date on what I was doing to my body. So much so that I would recommend to someone who has lost a significant amount of weight and does not feel much different to find something the weight what you have lost then go up and down some stairs or just walk around your house. You will quickly realize all of the good things you have done for yourself.

So thats it. 60 pounds in just over 3 months. I am happier, healthier and feel much more optimistic about the future.


TB--Milwaukee said...


Do you go to meetings or are you doing this all online? I've probably read it somewhere but can't remember. WW loves the online losers!

Matt Keeling said...

TB- I am both I suppose. I do go to the meetings but I track everything online and participate in the GoaD board almost daily.

Kathy said...

Your lead-in had me worried there for a minute. I was getting all primed to give you an "everything's alright" lecture. lol. Congrats on the weight loss. And I agree with the comparisons...trying to lug around bags of mulch last weekend was so hard and I've lost maybe two of them! I don't know how I got through the day!
btw...a lot of people go to Google Images and put in the number of pounds they've lost and a bunch of pictures come up for that weight. A lot of them are dogs and fish!

tgs281 said...

Great Milestone Matt!

Love your site.

Go GoaDies

Rick said...

Great Job are inspiring me everyday