Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am following the plan pretty well I guess. Weigh in update

I will just blurt it out there. 2.2 more pounds off this body forever! I was a bit surprised though. I thought I would lose but I was figuring less than a pound. Goes to show me how much the exercise really pays off.

I have this ritual of calling my brother after every weigh in to let him know how I did. I called him up as usual and told him the news and his comment was, "That's just amazing, you must just be following the plan perfectly" Then I told him about the few beers I had over the weekend and the Coon Ass Chicken I had from Jazz Louisiana Kitchen, an not to mention the several bites of the chocolate beignet I had. So I told him that I was not following the plan to the tee but that the exercise really helps to offset those choices that are less than healthy. It also got me to thinking about my last post about striving for perfection and then about living this lifestyle forever. I will tell you right now that I am gonna eat at Jazz again and the choice I make will probably not be healthy but I know that I can still succeed doing that. I just have to turn around and workout a little more and eat a few less calories the next day or two. I guess my point is that perfection might be unattainable, but then again what I did this past week may have been closer to perfection than I realize. I enjoyed some things that are nor particularly healthy, but in moderation, I also made healthy choices the majority of the time and I did my best to get in my good health guidelines. In my mind that is living the lifestyle and if I am doing that, then maybe I am close to perfection.


Kathy said...

That's pretty much the idea behind WW...being able to eat anything in moderation and slowly but surely changing your habits so you can live like that for a lifetime. Sounds like you've gotten the message down to a "tee"!

And congrats on the loss of more poundage!

Rick said...


thanks for the post on my blog. Nice to see someone else out there in very similar situation. I will be back often and hope we can draw some inspiration from each other on our weight loss journey

TB--Milwaukee said...

There are several keys to success and exercise is definitely a big one. Last time I checked, perfection was not one of them.