Thursday, April 24, 2008

Was I off track? No, but it sure feels good to be back on schedule.

I got back to the gym this morning. I went Monday and Wednesday nights and got in good workouts. I dragged my lazy ole bones out of bed this morning and went to the gym. I feel so much better. I am in a much better mood and I feel like I have energy to spare. I have mentioned this in past posts, but I am sure no one will mind reading it again. Working out in the morning is the best. You have this perception that you can't get up and that you will be more tired after and drag throughout the day, but really it is the exact opposite. The is an energy return. The blood is pumping your adrenaline is up and you just generally feel better. So there you have it.

Completely unrelated - FOOD FIND! New to me anyway.

Western Bagels - Very Blueberry Bagel with WW cream cheese. Thats 2 points y'all! for a bagel and cream cheese. No it is not Einstein Bros or Panera Bread Co, but it aint bad eitther!

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Kathy said...

That company makes lots of great products and if you can't find them in the supermarket, they sell them on-line. I order their great English muffins, bagels, and pitas and put them in the freezer.