Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I must be crazy!

I just signed up for a 5K. Me. Matt Keeling. Matt Keeling of 342 lbs signed up for a 5K. I figure it is something else to work towards. I have until October 11th to be able to do it. I know I can walk it. I am not sure there would be a real problem there. But my goal is to run it. I am not going to set a time on it. But I would like to run the whole way. I am going to follow the couch to 5K training program on www.coolrunning.com. I think I might wait for a couple of weeks before I start to train, but I will definitely be hitting the treadmill more at the gym. I will keep you updated on my progress.


Kathy said...

Love your enthusiasm!You should be more than ready by October.

Rick said...

You will do it I know. My wife and I are WALKING in a 5k in May to raise money for CF.

Heather said...

You CAN do it! The couch to 5K program makes it really doable, I did it and I did not run before, at all. Take it easy and listen to your body.