Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lets strive for better rather than perfection

I was out reading my normal round up of blogs and wandered over to Kathy Calculates. She had issued a challenge to people to have a perfect Monday. Stay within your points and get in your 8 good health guidelines. Now as I was not part of this challenge I can honestly say I was not perfect. She wrote today about a better Tuesday. I was struck by this because I struggle so much with trying to be perfect that I end up beating myself up for not being perfect. Even worse i have been know to blame others. This is my journey and while I need the support of the people around me, ultimately I am the one who puts the food in my body. So I guess my point for today is to make sure that I do not beat myself up so much and stop blaming others for my failure. From hence forth I am taking responsibility for my own actions. I will strive to be better everyday in one small way. That may be being more active or eating better or just having a better attitude. Today I am choosing to have a better attitude about everything. I will have a positive day. I will weigh in and be happy with the results. I will not allow outside influences to bring me down. Today will be a good day.


Kathy said...

Hey, Matt! My day is already better cause I got to "meet" you! Thanks for linking to my blog and leaving a comment. I love getting to know new people who are struggling the same way I am to improve their habits and get their weight under control.
I looked back at your posts and want to congratulate you on the great progress you've already made...it's very impressive. And, yes, I can definitely see the difference in those two pictures!
I'm going to subscribe to your blog and follow along as you work toward that next goal.
Have a BETTER Tuesday, Matt!
btw...are you one of Skinny Guy and TB's GoaD"s???

Matt Keeling said...

I would call myself a GoaD. I am on the board everyday and have been reading TB's blog for a while now and just got introduced to Skinny Guy's through your blog.

Pattie said...

Hi Matt -

This is my first visit to your blog, too. Glad to 'meet' you!

I used to lead WW meetings and you guys were my favorite people in the room. It sounds like you're doing an awesome job (those photos on your last post are amazing!)

Way to go on your attitude adjustment! That will make a huge difference on your journey.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Yeah...that Skinny Guy hasn't been around Goad for a while. Seems he was MIA in the blog world lately too.

Perfection will drive you crazy. No one's perfect and I did not get where I am now by being perfect. It's nice to challenge yourself once in a while for those perfect days.

Glad you checked out Kathy, she is very wise.

Kathy said...

Well that comment was so sweet of TB! But watch out for him...he is like that little brother who pulls your pigtails when Mom isn't looking!

Anonymous said...

You hit a lot of good points there, Matt. It's all about what you do MOST of the time. Or as I like to say, "All things in moderation, including moderation!"

Yes, I'm an MIA GoaDie. I'd been stretching myself pretty thin online between blogs, forums and whatnot, and unfortunately the GoaD board lost out. But you never know when I might make an appearance. (Hint, hint)