Friday, April 25, 2008

No Shirts, no shoes, no.... well just a post about clothes

Clothes are hard for a guy at 400lbs. At 34 years old you still want to look 28. I have been shopping at the big and tall store since pretty much just out of college. I shopped Eddie Bauer catalog for a very long time but their style did not stay with me. I cannot explain to you how happy I was when just before last weekend I go into a size 46 jeans. Now I know to some of you out there you are thinking 46 is huge, but that is down from a very comfy 50 just back in January. Not to mention (and I may have) that these are relax fit jeans not loose fit jeans. It just feels so good to start to wear some "cool" clothes. Everything is fitting better and differently.

How different? Oddly shirts are getting longer. I figure 2 things have happened here. The first is that I have stopped stretching my shirts to make room for my gut, the second it that I must have lost some weight in my shoulders, chest and upper back. A guy on the Guys on a Diet board on WW mentioned that you lose from your head down. Not sure that is true, but it kinda makes sense.

On to other things that fir funny. My shoes that were very comfortable before are now loose. I guess less swelling or something. I don't know, this one has me stumped.

So has anyone else run into these issues.


Kathy said...

New clothes and looking better are two of the great benefits of losing weight! ENJOY!!!! I lost a shoe size too.

carol said...

Pretty soon we will see you on a poster in Abercrombie :-)

Great job!! That is such a great feelilng and it will only keep getting better. Not to mention it is a great write off on your taxes when you give all those TOO BIG clothes to goodwill :o)

noelle said...

My BIL is a big guy. I still remember when he did Atkins and got under 350 for the first time in YEARS! He has the same problem of not being able to dress young, but to wear old-ish looking clothes just because there's nothing available in XXXL.

My feet went from a 9 back to 8 or 8 1/2. It does feel good to know that even my feet are getting thin again!

TB--Milwaukee said...

From the head down does make sense. At least I think people notice first in your face than other places. Personally, I think you lose consistently all around.

Congrats on the new clothes. 42' was my breaking point. Once they got too tight, I did not want to shop at stores other than the convenient ones.

Rick said...

Great News on the clothes. I laughed at your post just because it hit home so much. The longer shirts is what did it. I have several shirts that had to have "the magic button" sewn on them. You know the button below the last one that came with the shirt. This allowed me to pull my shirt out enough that it was not tight thinking I was hiding my gut. Without the "Magic Button" the shirt would seperate and my gut would hang out.....

The other benefit besides looking great is the savings. the cost of big and tall vs "standard" is HUGE