Monday, March 17, 2008

Did that blow your mind? Because that just happened.

Did you just happen to check on Tiger Woods over the weekend? If not you missed one of the most clutch performances in sports I have ever seen. Unless you play golf you will be hard pressed to understand the pressure of trying to sink a putt with several thousand people staring at you in dead silence. I am a decent golfer and I have to back away from eagle putts in order to regain composure. Tiger just stepped up and drained a 24 foot putt on the last hole to win the tournament. Utterly amazing. If you have not been watching golf I suggest you start. Tiger Woods is the best golfer of my time and by most accounts the best golfer of all times. This year could be his very best year ever. He has won every event he has entered. Become a fan of golf now. History is being made in High Definition on your television.

So I am not just posting about Tiger Woods. I thought this may be a good time to start with some personal goals. I will get into this more at a later date but I thought I would start with one and go from there. As I said before I am a decent golfer. I shoot low 90's most days, crack into the 80's every now and again but have yet to break into the elusive 70's. When I first began playing golf seriously I was 16 years old. My buddies Jay, Jason and I would head to Hodge Park and play 36 holes a day and we walked. Now we play less frequently and we ride in carts. Somewhere along the road golf became about drinking beer and riding in a cart. My goal for the year is this. By the end of august I intend to walk every round of golf I play this year. Walking is better for me and gives you a better feel of distance. I will no longer drink beer on the golf course. I may have a beer or two after a round but I am stopping beer on the course. I would rather enjoy to full bodied good beers and 6 crappy light beers. The third portion of this goal is more difficult than the first, but I would also like to shoot a 79 or lower just once this year. I am hoping that weight loss does not mess with my swing to much. Oh well my health is more important than shooting in the 70's.... Maybe.

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