Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Exercise?

It has been an excellent weekend as far as staying on point is concerned. Maybe not particularly following the WW Healthy Guidelines, but overall a good weekend. Carrie, Jay, Kelly, Jeff, Janessa and I went to the roller derby on Saturday evening. They skate in 2 minute "Jams" at full speed. They appear to be exhausted at the end of that 2 minutes so that got me to thinking of Roller Derby would be a good way to pick up some activity points. We continued to watch and I quickly learned that I am not cut out for it. These girls are incredibly talented and are knocking the crap out of one another. So for now I am sticking with the gym. But I will happily go back to the Roller Derby. Check 'em out here.

See you Tuesday for a weigh in update if not before.

Oh and if anyone would like to join us for the next bout shoot me an email.

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