Sunday, March 16, 2008

Food Find and a MRI

OK I would love to tell you that I found this all on my own but that is not so true. Apparently everyone knew about the Skinny Cow but I failed to get the memo. So with that said. FOOD FIND! Skinny Cow Ice Cream Products rock. They have an assortment of different ice cream type things, Sandwiches, bars and cones. So far I have sampled the sandwiches and the skinny dippers and I can tell you that they are both delicious. I would recommend them over the Weight Watchers Ice Creams but just barely.

So why am I writing about Ice Cream on a weight loss blog? The short answer is I like ice cream. The longer version is that I have found that I get cranky when I begin to crave food and in particular sweets. I think weight watchers plan is great but I think some people think you can still lose weight by staying within your points and eat crap. I think that you have to eat right and then allow your self small indulgences. So mine is ice cream.

Moving on to the Doctor visit I had Friday. I found out on Friday that I have arthritis in both knees and the doc sent me for an MRI on my right knee to detect a possible tear of the ACL. I will be praying that my ACL is fine and I have continued mobility. I am concerned about getting in my exercise if indeed my ACL is torn. So there is something to be said about the weight I have carried all this time. That is what has caused the arthritis. It cannot correct it, but the more weight I lose the less pain I will feel.

I will keep you updated on the knee and I will be weighing in on Tuesday evening so check back to see if I hit a rather monumental goal that night!


TB--Milwaukee said...

It's great to write about favorite foods. I'm amazed at how many people don't know about Skinny Cows. I love them too. Much less fiber "gritty" than the WW ice cream IMO.

This week, I noticed some new mini fudge bars too, 1 point each.

Jodie said...

I have *pre* arthritis in both knees according to my orthopedic doctor. He didn't do an MRI - just looked at Xrays. I love skinny cows too, but they are a trigger food for me! I can't eat just one. I like your blog!