Thursday, March 13, 2008

Its getting nice outside lets play Trac ball

Has anyone else noticed that this winter seems to be the longest ever. I don't I was good through the end of last year. I had Tiger Football to keep me warm. The last three months have been brutal. Yesterday it was finally really nice outside and I wanted to go ride my new bike with my son but he was not having any of it so I told him that we were not wasting the nice day on video games and TV so we headed to the back yard with out Trac ball and played for every bit of 2 hours. Chuck Norris (the dog) looked like he was on a yo yo chasing the ball as it was thrown back and forth. We both had a great time I still got in a work out late in the evening. I will say that since I have begun this journey and have been more healthy I crave the outdoors much much more. So my message to anyone reading is this. GET OUTSIDE! (yes I am shouting). I will try to post tomorrow evening or over the weekend to let you know how the appointment with the orthopedic surgeon goes.


Janessa said...

It amazes me that some people join WW and continue to eat the same unhealty foods. I have a co-worker who started a couple weeks ago and continues to eat burgers and fast food for lunch. Not to mentions eats every cookie and m&m in sight and wonders why she isn't losing weight. Duh! Annoying. Keep up the good work! :)

TB--Milwaukee said...

It also amazes me that some people join WW and continue to not exercise. I've gotten outside all week. It feels great!