Monday, March 3, 2008

New Feature - Food Find - Breakfast Turkey Sausage Roll

Let me start this short blog with saying that I love sausage. Particularly breakfast sausage. So on a mission to live this healthier lifestyle I have been looking for substitutes. I had read about a turkey breakfast sausage in another blog somewhere down the line and was skeptical. Well I was wrong! Sunday morning I made veggie omelets with a side of sausage. DELICIOUS! I figured the points on this little treat and it came out to 2 pts if you make sausages the are 2.5 oz each. Now that is a big sausage so I figure mine were half that size for a manageable 1 point each. I have never mentioned this but you should always run your own point calculation to make sure that I am not completely wrong. And for crying out loud if I am let me know. So hopefully this will be an ongoing feature on the blog, if not, the first and last will at least be a quality entry.

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