Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weigh In - Good News

As I have said before I should not try to predict these things. I thought this would be a lousy week. I thought that I would maybe lose 1 lb is anything. Well the scale told me I had lost 2.2 for a grand total of 35 lbs even. I am honestly pretty excited. It is hard to imagine walking around with a 35 lb suit on all day every day and yet just about 45 days ago I was. This is a process that I thought to be impossible before I began. I figured that I would never shed the weight. I am so thankful to all those people who recommended weight watchers. My girlfriend Carrie was probably the first and I resisted for a considerable time. I feel extremely comfortable with my decision at that point. I have talked to others who are doing different diets or who are going in to surgery for weight loss. All I can say to all of those who are reading this who are in the same battle that I am in is this: No matter what you are doing, you are making steps to become healthier and that is the most important thing. I will gladly share my experiences with people but I would not want to push someone one way or another. While I had people telling me about weight watchers I came to the decision to go there completely on my own. I am certain that if I had been completely influenced by someone else I would have failed already. I say this because I think anyone in this battle needs to decide for themselves. If Nutrisystem motivates them then that will work for them. For me it was weight watchers. I wish anyone out there reading this the best. Health and Happiness for all! See you all later in the week.

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George said...

Matt, thanks for the comment and for reading. I will make sure I add your blog to my daily reading.

We are gonna be two slender dudes when this is over.