Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nervous again? Are you kidding me?

Here we go again. 2:15 on Tuesday and I am nervous about my weigh in. I look forward to it, I am pretty sure I have done well. I set my sights to high last week. and failed although I was not upset. This week I am not sure what to think. I ate pretty good but I did not get in all the exercise I wanted. I am shooting for 35 - 40 activity point or better. In layman's terms it is about 50 - 70 calories per point. I got in 28. I am going to try to swing by a gym tonight that friends are going to. I think with that I need to mix up the workouts, I am becoming bored with the bike and would also like to give it to my mom and dad so they can use it.

Well cheers for now, See you all after weigh in. Keeping my finger crossed.

Also thank you all for reading and for your supportive comments.

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TB--Milwaukee said...

The nerves stop after your first gain. I was nervous for several weeks, now I know I can't do anything about the scale as long as I know I stayed on plan I'll be fine in the long run. Congrats on the 10%!