Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is a long difficult journey

I am gonna just go ahead and say it so it is over with. My loss this week was .2 lbs. That is 2 tenths on 1 pound. I am not sure what I am feeling. I am disappointed. I was really wanting that 40 lb mark. Maybe next week, maybe the week after, maybe the next,I am sure I will get there. I know I will. I am happy that the scales went in the right direction but I think there are 2 things that probably contributed to my less than impressive loss. First. Jeans, Last week I was in lightweight shorts and this week I wore brand new jeans. I have no idea of the difference, but lets just say that there is some. Second is something I will be keeping an eye on. The team leader mentioned something last week that ht home this week. Some times bad weeks or good weeks take a week to show up on the scale. Well that bad weekend a couple of weekends ago might have finally caught up with me. Regardless I am on track again and am looking forward to next weekend.


TB--Milwaukee said...

It's still a loss. It's hard to get excited about a small loss, but if you're doing everything right, it will come sooner than later.

Jodie said...

I also find that about every 3-4 weeks I have only a small loss. I still have previous WW booklets and that's the way for all 3 other times...3 weeks good losses, 1 week small loss or gain...etc... You are doing fabulously!!!