Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Knees and walking

Nearly all of my friends are thinner and I have never heard them complain or mention their knees hurting. Well I am here to tell you when you are carting around the weight that I had and even have it can hurt. I think I have always done pretty well, in fact just last summer I played volleyball with some people at work and played just fine. So why should I post about knee pain. I am off to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Friday to have him look at my knees. I have been riding my stationary bike and my mt bike when I can but I had not been out walking. So at lunch I went out and had a nice walk for about 20-25 minutes and walked just over a mile. My knees do hurt, nothing unbearable mind you but they do hurt. This is just one more reason to lose weight. While there are no guarantees that my knees will feel better once I get to my goal weight I feel pretty confident that my knees will deteriorate less quickly if I have 180 - 200 less lbs stressing them all the time.


TB--Milwaukee said...

Nice little blog. I'll check back again sometime when I have more time.

Angie said...

Hey you; i'm home from surgery. It's tough and i feel a lot worse than i expected. i also have pnemonia, so i don't think that helps. I am SO proud of everything you are doing. Not to mention a little jealous of the beer and fun things you had over the weekend. Keep it up, Matt; I know you can do it!